Friday, 25 December 2015

The Sinful White Biryani

White Biryani? Sounds wrong right?

When I decided to order this dish from The White Biryani, i wasn't expecting anything more than a Pulao but I was quite surprised.

The dish did not have the colors of a Biryani but the aroma told a different story altogether.

It tasted delicious, different and I am so glad that I have discovered my all time favorite dish Biryani with a different twist

Ofcourse nothing can beat the traditional biryani but its ok to indulge in this different style of biryani every now and then.

9/10 for taste and quality for The White Biryani

White Biryani

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Breakfast at Neco's Cafe, Karachi | Neco's Natural Store and Cafe, Karachi

Neco's is an interesting option for those who want to give the yummy street breakfast a rest and have a nice meal in a good ambiance. Though they even have Halwa Poori on their menu, but seriously who pays a premium price for Halwa Poori!

My friends and I ordered a Cheese Omelette, French Toast and Grilled Chicken Sandwich. I enjoyed the Omellette, however the French Toast was a bit of a disappointment though it looks delectable! It was too thick and soggy for my taste, I like my French Toasts thin and crispy.

French Toast at Necos Cafe
French Toast at Neco's Natural Store and Cafe

The sandwich was also good and is a good option for someone who is craving to have something other than the regular breakfast items.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich at Necos Cafe
Grilled Chicken Sandwich at Neco's Natural Store and Cafe

Overall the experience was good.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Tenerife Cafe Lahore Review

Hey guys, hope all of you are doing good! Sorry for being in hibernation, I promise this blog will be a lot more active now!

Recently I visited Lahore and tried a few restaurants. One of them was Tenerife Cafe located at Main Gulberg. Probably the best thing about the cafe is its staff. Very polite and hospitable, the staff really made me feel special and the service was top notch.

These days the cafe is offering a free Margarita at every check in. I tried their Mint Margarita and folks, it is simply divine!

Mint Margarita at Tenerife Cafe
Mint Margarita at Tenerife Cafe

Since I went there only for drinks and dessert, therefore won't be discussing their main courses in this post. Another drink that we ordered was the Strawberry juice. This beverage too was great. Rich and genuine, their Strawberry juice didn't seem loaded with artificial flavors and one can actually feel real strawberries in the juice.

Mint Margarita and Strawberry Juice at Tenerife Cafe
Mint Margarita and Strawberry Juice at Tenerife Cafe

The next thing we ordered was the Strawberry Cheesecake. Yep, it was as good as the pictures!

Strawberry Cheesecake and Strawberry Juice at Tenerife Cafe
Strawberry Cheesecake and Strawberry Juice at Tenerife Cafe

Next time when I'll visit Lahore, I will definitely go this place again and will try out their main course. If you are a Lahori and you still haven't give this place a try then do so.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Vist at McDonald's Kitchen

You guys must have seen the McDonald’s Open Door KitchenProgram campaign, where they are inviting the general public to see their kitchen. Honestly, I’ve never thought much about hygiene, as long as what I’m eating tastes good. However, due to hygiene related incidents that I have heard about recently, I have become conscious of the fact that when it comes to eating outside food, hygiene and quality really matters. So, when McDonald’s invited me to come and see their kitchen, I thought to myself, ok let’s see if these guys are as hygienic as they claim to be!

When I entered the kitchen, the first thing I noticed was that the staff was really organized and everybody was wearing a cap and gloves, so there was no issue of any hair falling in the food! The floor was clean and seemed like it was regularly mopped. The grills and fryers seemed very clean and the oil looked fresh. 

McDonalds Open Kitchen Blogger Meet Up

Manager explaining the measures taken to ensure hygiene at McDonald’s

One very interesting thing was the hourly hand washing routine that all staff members had to go through. They showed us the freezers where all the meat was kept and everything looked very clean and hygienic. Even the cooking of the patty was done through machines with timers, so there was no issue of under cooking or over cooking. 

McDonalds Kitchen

Hourly hand washing at McDonald’s kitchen

McDonalds Open Kitchen
Some Bloggers having fun

I walked out of this experience, pretty convinced with McDonald’s hygiene practices and then feasted on their delicious Cheese Burger. It’s good to know that some restaurants are still considering cleanliness and hygiene a top priority. I hope other fast food joints also start following similar practices so that Pakistanis can continue to enjoy yummy food without getting sick.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Nongshim Ramyun Review

I know a food blog is supposed to be about fancy exotic food. Call me crazy, but every now and then, I do get cravings for a simple hot bowl of instant noodles! Whether its Maggi, Knorr or Shoop, I honestly can't tell the different between any of them, all I know is that I love the masala flavor of any instant noodle brand and I like my noodles soupy so I can drink up the tangy masala once I am done with the noodles.

Recently I was skimming the instant noodle aisle at a super market and came across Nongshim Ramyun. Now I am a real Korean drama buff and I know that Ramyun is a staple meal for the Koreans. Ramyun is basically noodles in flavored broth, in Korea it available in both standard and instant variety. What I found was the famous instant noodle brand of Korea: Nongshim Ramyun. I was really excited by this discovery, though disappointed that only one flavor was available: Mild Spicy. I picked it up anyways and gave it a try.

Nongshim Ramyun Noodles
Nongshim Ramyun Noodles

I think it was an interesting experience. Obviously it was less spicy than the desi masala or chatkhara flavor, but it was still quite flavorsome and had a different feel from the standard instant noodles that we commonly have. Do give a try when you are having those hunger pangs and you are looking for a quick fix.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Magnum Hot Chocolate Drinks at Magnum Pleasure Store Karachi

I recently tried a Hot Chocolate Drink at Magnum Pleasure Store Karachi. In my flu struck condition, it was quite soothing. I ordered the Creme De Cocoa Hot Chocolate which had some yummy marshmallows floating on the top.

Creme De Cocoa Hot Chocolate at Magnum Pleasure Store
Creme De Cocoa Hot Chocolate

For those who prefer to satisfy their sweet tooth with something cold, there is always a Magnum with different topping options. Seriously, there were some really weird topping options too, like the chili flakes!

Topping options at Magnum Pleasure Store Karachi
Topping options at Magnum Pleasure Store Karachi

Overall it was a good experience. The ambiance of Magnum Pleasure Store is quite good and its a nice, cozy place to hang out with friends.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Smash n Krispy Burger Review

Step aside all foreign burger franchises, the local burger outlets in Karachi can surely give you a run for your money!

When I was told about this amazing burger place at Gulberg, Karachi called Smash n Krispy, my first reaction was "why go so far to eat a freaking burger?"

However, now that I have tasted this beauty, I have no regrets! I will gladly go to Gulberg every weekend to have a taste of that delicious burger. 

Smash n Krispy at Gulberg Karachi
Smash n Krispy at Gulberg, Karachi

Smash n Krispy's specialty is their beef burger. They have several types of beef burger: Smash Beef, Smoky Beef, Fiery Beef, my personal favorite is Smoky Beef.

What's special about their burgers is that they are steak burgers and not the regular dry patty burgers that we usually get at other places. The meat is soft, well cooked and the fine blend of sauces make the burger very succulent.

Smoky Beef Burger at Smash n Krispy

Ice cream at Smash n Krispy
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Do give this one a try, unfortunately, these guys don't have a branch anywhere else so you will have to go all the way to Gulberg to enjoy this burger but trust me it will be worth it!