Sunday, 16 November 2014

Friday Office Lunch | A delicious get together of flavors

One of the perks of living in a Muslim country is the extended lunch break on Friday. “What shall we eat today?” is the question that is on everyone’s mind and lips since 11 am. Some are looking for an exotic meal; some want to try something new, some are looking for an economical solution and some just want to play it safe and order the same thing they did as last Friday.

This week’s Friday lunch was no different and I got to observe many interesting meals from different places. I decided to go for something I have never tried before: Golden Dragon Chinese Cuisine. When I went through the menu, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was quite economical. In fact, they also offer Meal Box deals for lunch that have some fantastic combos not more than Rs 400. I opted for Meal Box 2, which was Any Chicken Main Dish (gravy) with Egg Fried Rice. I chose Spicy Szechuan Chicken. This deal cost me Rs. 300. Some of my colleagues ordered Meal Box 1, which was Chicken Chowmein plus 2 Chicken Drumsticks. One colleague ordered American Chopsuey for Rs. 350.

A few colleagues of mine, who were looking for something more exotic ordered Stir Fried Beef with Basil Chili from Del Frio. One colleague wanted to play it safe, so she ordered Spicy McChicken Burger from McDonald's.

When the food arrived and I opened my Spicy Szechuan Chicken with Egg Fried Rice, I was surprised to see that the quantity of food was quite a lot. I looked at all the other food that came from Golden Dragon and even the Chowmein and Chopsuey had quite big servings. Though the presentation of the food was not good but the quantity of one serving was enough to accommodate two people. And when we started eating, it was quite pleasing to know that the food was not only good value for money, it also tasted great! (Sorry for the bad pics, was too hungry to make the food look pretty!)

American Chopsuey


I looked at the meal that came from Del Frio and I burst out laughing. Though it was in a foil box and looked good, the small foil box was barely half full and that kind of quantity of food could only fill up the stomach of an anorexic girl.

Then I looked at the burger that came from McDonald’s and I laughed once again. Their Spicy McChicken burger is now the same size as a burger that comes in a Happy Meal. I wonder what the size of a Happy Meal burger is these days!

McDonalds Spicy McChicken

 Anyways, I finished my meal quite satisfied and will definitely order from Golden Dragon again.

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