Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Yadgar Fish, Karachi | Best Fish in Karachi

This Sunday night, i visited Yadgar Fish located at Jamshed Road, Karachi. I was surprised to see tables packed with families from all walks of life enjoyed fried fish. After some effort, i finally managed to grab a table at the top most floor.

Yadgar Fish Karachi
The ambiance was not very comfortable, however the food was clean and really tasty. A wide variety of fish was on the menu including White Pomfret, Black Pomfret, Surmai, Dandia, Rahoo, Heera, among many others. I ordered the Boneless Heera Fish both in grilled and fried variety. It tasted so good that I did not even bother with Roti aur Paratha, i just ate the fish with the mouthwatering Chatni! Compliment the fish with a Papad (Papadum) of your choice to enjoy a light and tasty meal.

Surprisingly, the menu does not only offer fish but also offers other kinds of sea food such as prawns as well as fast food and Chinese dishes.

I will surely visit this place again (preferably on a weekday) to avoid the rush and explore more of their menu. 

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