Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Biryani - The Holy Grail of Pakistani Food

You can smell its rich aroma from far away, its blend of colors and fusion of spices is a visual treat, and when you take a spoonful of the long, flavorful rice grains in your mouth you simply get blown away. Yes, Biryani is truly a dish for the royals.

Though Biryani is easily available in Karachi and is made often at most households, its value has still not diminished.  Even now, at every occasion from a wedding to a funeral to a dinner party, Biryani is the star dish at every table.

Cooking style of Biryani varies from region to region, however one thing that’s common in most is that the meat and the spices are cooked separately and the rice is boiled separately. The two are then merged and cooked on low heat in a covered pot. This technique is called ‘Dum’.
I won’t go into the history of Biryani as that has been covered on many blogs, let’s just get to where we can get the best Biryani.

Now I know I may sound biased, but the only place where you can get good and authentic Biryani is Karachi. Check the beauty below, this one is from a random dhaaba (roadside cafĂ©) near my office but even random Biryani, as long as it’s from Karachi is usually fantastic.

Photo Courtesy: Uzma Ali

Here’s a list of my favorite places to eat Biryani:

These guys don’t specialize in Biryani but it’s the best I have ever tasted. Their Biryani is clean, not overloaded with garam masala and the level of spice is just perfect. Btw other items on their menu are awesome too!

These Biryani specialists like to experiment and create unique offerings. Apart from their regular Biryani, try their Chicken Tikka Biryani. Who wouldn’t love the merger of Biryani with some mouthwatering barbecue?

Biryani Centre

They are probably the pioneers of Biryani specialist restaurants in Karachi. They have been here since 1969 and their Biryani is still great. Best thing about Student Biryani is that they have a lot of branches so easily available and their delivery service is pretty good too.


Located in Clifton, this is your go to place if you need a Biryani daig for a beach picnic. Their flavor is top notch!

Jeddah Food Centre Biryani
Photo Courtesy:

You still think I am being biased? Take a look at the Biryani I had from Naran in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at Hotel De-Manchi. It tasted good but was more like a pulao than Biryani.

Biryani at Hotel DeManchi Naran

So what’s your favorite Biryani place? You can share your thoughts in the comments section.

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