Friday, 5 December 2014


After Biryani and Pizza, the next item on my favorite food list is definitely a Burger. What initially started off as a fast food item for the elite (thus coining of the term “Burger”), is now readily available in every area, in all kinds of food places. From the overpriced Johnny Rockets to downright economical Khan Broast, the burger is available at all kinds of prices and in different flavors and meats.

In the past couple of years I have seen the sizes of burgers reducing and the prices increasing. The size decrease of McDonald’s was the most shocking. A proper burger meal at McDonald’s would cost no less than Rs. 600 and the burger is now almost bite size!

So when some people told me “Have you tried Obeez? Their burger is big”, I didn't take it much seriously.
However, once I decided to give it a try and I must admit, their burger is huge indeed and is also rich and deliciously loaded with flavor. The prices are very reasonable too, I ordered the Jalapeno Chicken Burger which just cost me Rs. 320. 

Obeez Burger
Photo courtesy: Uzma Ali

Obeez Jalapeno Beef Burger
Photo Courtesy: Uzma Ali

What’s interesting is that Obeez also has other items on the menu, all delicious, reasonably priced and come with a hefty serving size. Take a look at this mouth watering Mushroom Chicken Pasta!

Obeez Chicken Mushroom Pasta
Photo courtesy: Uzma Ali
So let’s hope these guys don’t eventually decline their quality and reduce their serving size. For now Obeez just has a branch in Karachi; having lesser branches definitely keeps the quality maintained. I would advice all of you Karachiites and visitors of this fantastic city to try Obeez Burger.

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