Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Smash n Krispy Burger Review

Step aside all foreign burger franchises, the local burger outlets in Karachi can surely give you a run for your money!

When I was told about this amazing burger place at Gulberg, Karachi called Smash n Krispy, my first reaction was "why go so far to eat a freaking burger?"

However, now that I have tasted this beauty, I have no regrets! I will gladly go to Gulberg every weekend to have a taste of that delicious burger. 

Smash n Krispy at Gulberg Karachi
Smash n Krispy at Gulberg, Karachi

Smash n Krispy's specialty is their beef burger. They have several types of beef burger: Smash Beef, Smoky Beef, Fiery Beef, my personal favorite is Smoky Beef.

What's special about their burgers is that they are steak burgers and not the regular dry patty burgers that we usually get at other places. The meat is soft, well cooked and the fine blend of sauces make the burger very succulent.

Smoky Beef Burger at Smash n Krispy

Ice cream at Smash n Krispy
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Do give this one a try, unfortunately, these guys don't have a branch anywhere else so you will have to go all the way to Gulberg to enjoy this burger but trust me it will be worth it!

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