Monday, 30 March 2015

Nongshim Ramyun Review

I know a food blog is supposed to be about fancy exotic food. Call me crazy, but every now and then, I do get cravings for a simple hot bowl of instant noodles! Whether its Maggi, Knorr or Shoop, I honestly can't tell the different between any of them, all I know is that I love the masala flavor of any instant noodle brand and I like my noodles soupy so I can drink up the tangy masala once I am done with the noodles.

Recently I was skimming the instant noodle aisle at a super market and came across Nongshim Ramyun. Now I am a real Korean drama buff and I know that Ramyun is a staple meal for the Koreans. Ramyun is basically noodles in flavored broth, in Korea it available in both standard and instant variety. What I found was the famous instant noodle brand of Korea: Nongshim Ramyun. I was really excited by this discovery, though disappointed that only one flavor was available: Mild Spicy. I picked it up anyways and gave it a try.

Nongshim Ramyun Noodles
Nongshim Ramyun Noodles

I think it was an interesting experience. Obviously it was less spicy than the desi masala or chatkhara flavor, but it was still quite flavorsome and had a different feel from the standard instant noodles that we commonly have. Do give a try when you are having those hunger pangs and you are looking for a quick fix.

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