Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Vist at McDonald's Kitchen

You guys must have seen the McDonald’s Open Door KitchenProgram campaign, where they are inviting the general public to see their kitchen. Honestly, I’ve never thought much about hygiene, as long as what I’m eating tastes good. However, due to hygiene related incidents that I have heard about recently, I have become conscious of the fact that when it comes to eating outside food, hygiene and quality really matters. So, when McDonald’s invited me to come and see their kitchen, I thought to myself, ok let’s see if these guys are as hygienic as they claim to be!

When I entered the kitchen, the first thing I noticed was that the staff was really organized and everybody was wearing a cap and gloves, so there was no issue of any hair falling in the food! The floor was clean and seemed like it was regularly mopped. The grills and fryers seemed very clean and the oil looked fresh. 

McDonalds Open Kitchen Blogger Meet Up

Manager explaining the measures taken to ensure hygiene at McDonald’s

One very interesting thing was the hourly hand washing routine that all staff members had to go through. They showed us the freezers where all the meat was kept and everything looked very clean and hygienic. Even the cooking of the patty was done through machines with timers, so there was no issue of under cooking or over cooking. 

McDonalds Kitchen

Hourly hand washing at McDonald’s kitchen

McDonalds Open Kitchen
Some Bloggers having fun

I walked out of this experience, pretty convinced with McDonald’s hygiene practices and then feasted on their delicious Cheese Burger. It’s good to know that some restaurants are still considering cleanliness and hygiene a top priority. I hope other fast food joints also start following similar practices so that Pakistanis can continue to enjoy yummy food without getting sick.

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